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Personal Lines

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Leisure Travel
Available as an individual plan and/or family plan, travel insurance provides wide-ranging protection when holidaying and exploring the world.

Business Travel
Make sure your employees are covered when they are representing your company abroad. Travel policies for your team can be on a named basis (insuring specific personnel), and/or unnamed basis (on a fixed number of unnamed personnel).

You can choose from single trip or annual policies based on your business needs.
The rising costs of medical expenses in the event of an accident can be a concern for many. We provide worldwide coverage against death, permanent or temporary disablement and the associated costs of treatment and care, providing you comprehensive coverage against accidents.
Looking for personalised home insurance? Our extensive network of providers offer a range of coverage for your home.

Home insurance covers the physical structure and home contents from natural disasters and theft, giving you peace of mind by protecting your home and assets including the most valuable possessions in your home.
Let us make it easy for you to ensure comprehensive coverage for your domestic helper.

To meet the requirements of the Ministry of Manpower, we offer a security bond of S$5,000, bundled with personal accident and a medical insurance. We can design packages that suit your needs with varying levels of coverage for you to choose from.

Commercial Lines

Public Liability policies protect companies against legal liabilities arising from their business operations.

It indemnifies their legal liability for accidental death or bodily injury of a third party or damage to a third party’s property, arising out of negligence. The policy pays legal expenses on top of all other compensation.
Manufacturers, agents, distributors and businesses selling manufactured products need insurance to indemnify their legal liability for accidental death or bodily injury as well as damage to consumers arising out of manufactured products.
Need insurance that supports your responsibilities for the well-being of your employees?

Workers Injury Compensation insurance seeks to protect the employer as well as compensate the employees for death, bodily injury as well as loss of earnings and medical expenses arising out of or in the course of their employment.

Workers Injury Compensation insurance is a requirement by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for local and foreign employers in Singapore.
Comprehensive Liability insurance, often referred to as Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) insurance, is a form of business insurance that protects businesses against negligence-based liability claims, imposed by lawsuits and similar claims.

The coverage may be in the form of
• Bodily injury and property damage liability, on an occurrence basis, resulting from the ownership, use, and/or maintenance of the premises, completed operations, and products;
• Bodily injury and property damage liability for the operation of machinery/equipment;
• Medical expenses resulting from bodily injury incurred by a member of the general public through the use of the premises or involvement in the operations.
Commonly required by transport and logistic companies especially when their business legal liability requires the payment of compensation for physical loss of, or damage to, the property of others (including cargo, trailers, containers and similar transportation equipment not owned, rented, or leased), for property in their care, custody and/or control.
Marine Cargo insurance protects the cargo owner against the risk of loss or damage to their cargo while in transit either by air or sea. Three types of cover are available in the market, traditionally the Inland Transit Clause (ITC) clause A which is an all risk cover, ITC clause B which is a limited all risk cover and finally, the minimum clause or total loss cover.
For vessel owners, Marine Hull insurance indemnifies against loss, damage, collision liability, towage liability, protection and indemnity, salvage and general average. A specific cover for delivery of vessels on a per trip basis under the institute voyage clause is also available.
This insurance is a specific cover for goods while in transit by land either by car, lorry, train or articulated vehicles through inland routes or cross border. The cover available is on all risk basis or on a narrower limited collision and overturning peril.
Protect your property and assets against fire, accidental water damage, flood damage and other named perils that may occur on your property which cause significant losses.

Coverage includes:

• Standard fire & lighting whether accompanied by fire or not
• Strikes, riots & civil commotion
• Aircraft damage
• Vehicle impact damage - extended to include own vehicles
• Hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons & windstorms, flood arising therefrom with extended flood
• Standard explosion damage
• Earthquake and volcanic eruption
• Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, pipes and apparatus
• Spontaneous combustion
• Smoke damage
• Malicious damage
• Flood
• Sprinkler leakage (where applicable)
• Water damage
This policy indemnifies the company against losses resulting from a break-in, theft or burglary from within and outside the premises.
Commonly procured by large companies and industries with a high risk level, the Industrial All Risk policy offers significantly better coverage with broader terms and conditions. Made up of two distinct sections, section 1 covers the property at risk and section 2 covers the financial and pecuniary losses resulting from a material damage claim under section 1.

The scope of cover is modelled after the Basic All Risk policy to indemnify against loss of or damage as a result of accident other than those risks that are specifically excluded. In addition, it also incorporates a Business Interruption / Consequential loss section which compensates for loss of gross profit or increase cost of working following a material damage loss.
Costly and damage-sensitive machineries or equipment should be offered a higher level of coverage and be more appropriately covered under the All Risk policy. As the name suggests, this is a “Hold-all” cover as it indemnifies against loss or damage by any accident or misfortune other than those specifically excluded.
This is a specialised cover for sensitive electronic and electrical equipment, computers etc. It covers all risk of accidental loss or damage other than those risks specifically excluded to such equipment. The policy can also be extended to cover additional cost of re-writing records, data media (media replacement / data reconstruction expenses) as well as increased cost of work resulting from the loss or damaged equipment.
This policy covers and pays for accidental breakage, from any cause other than those specially excluded in the policy, of all types of glass plates situated at the business premises.
Designed to provide protection for building and civil works during the contract period, this policy offers comprehensive protection for the loss or material damage to construction plants and equipment and/or construction machinery. It also covers third party claims to property damage or bodily injury arising from the civil engineering project.
This policy protects against damage arising from an explosion or implosion of any boiler or pressure vessel.

Some common risks covered include:

• Explosions and collapses
• Damage to the boiler and/or pressure plants
• Damage to surrounding property owned in trust or held in commission
• Legal liability on account of death or bodily injury to a third party
• Damage to the property of a third party
This policy covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to the plants, machinery, and mechanical equipment. It protects against adverse consequences arising from a breakdown to crucial machinery.

Optional add-on: Deterioration of stock in cold storage

This policy is taken in conjunction with a Machinery Breakdown cover and only if a Machinery Breakdown policy is in force and triggered. The policy indemnifies against the loss or damage caused by deterioration of the abovementioned goods resulting from any unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to the machinery. It covers against the risk of loss or damage to the perishable stock by deterioration or decay due to:

• Rise or fall in temperature resulting from breakdown of refrigeration plant and equipment
• Damage to the plant and equipment by an incidental extraneous cause
• Failure of electric supply
Employees are the company’s most valuable assets.

Having a robust Employee Benefits Programme is essential to your recruitment and retention strategy. It not only caters to your employees’ wellbeing by providing medical and healthcare coverage, but also strengthens the employer-employee relationship.

An attractive Employee Benefits Programme enhances your corporate image, improves your competitive edge, and helps control your company’s healthcare costs.

This is an inpatient medical expense policy designed to reimburse the expenses incurred by an employee and/or their covered dependents as a result of hospitalisation and/or surgery.
This is a rider to a Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance policy which reimburses medical expenses in addition to the basic benefits covered under the Group Hospital & Surgical Insurance.
The policy is designed to provide a lump sum benefit payment upon death or disability arising from all causes, natural or accidental.
This is a rider to Group Term Life Insurance that pays a lump sum with a diagnosis of a specified critical illness.
This plan provides benefits in the event of disability due to illness or injury resulting in the inability to perform their occupation or any other occupation after the onset of the disability. In the event of total disability, a monthly cash benefit is paid for a continuous period until the benefit period expires.
This is designed to provide a lump sum benefit payment upon death or disability arising from accidents.
This policy covers or reduces the costs when visiting any participating panel clinics. Reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred at non-panel clinics, polyclinics, or A&E clinics of any hospitals in Singapore are also covered, subject to a specified limit.

Coverage can also be extended to dependents of employees.
This policy reimburses expenses incurred at specialist clinics and diagnostic X-ray and laboratory tests referred by a registered general practitioner. The reimbursement of medical expenses for specialist consultation (diagnostic test, X-ray and laboratory test) is subject to a specified limit.
This policy reimburses dental expenses incurred at participating panel dentists. The reimbursement of dental expenses either as a charged basis under the panel dentists or is subject to an annual limit.

Some of the common benefits include:
• X-rays
• Laboratory tests
• Filings
• Root canal treatments
• Extractions
• Surgical extractions
This is a mandatory cover for an employer of foreign workers who are work permit and S Pass holders. It covers medical expenses that include coverage for hospital bills for events that may not be work-related and is not claimable under Work Injury Compensation Insurance (WICI). The foreign worker medical insurance is not required for Employment Pass holders.
This is a bond required by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to ensure the foreign worker remains employed by the client during the term of their service in the company. All employers of Work Permit holders are required to deposit a security bond of S$5,000 with MOM for each foreign worker. This security bond allows the waiver of the upfront S$5,000 to MOM. The security bond must be furnished prior to the foreign worker's arrival in Singapore, failing which entry into Singapore will not be allowed. Please purchase the bond at least 3 working days prior to the foreign worker’s arrival in Singapore.

The foreign worker bond is not necessary for employees who are:
• Malaysia Nationality, or
• Employment Pass holders
This policy specifically covers loss of money either while it is in transit or on premise. It also covers repair or replacement of strong rooms or safes caused by theft.
This policy covers the possible and potential loss of gross profit, as well as an increased cost of work resulting from a loss, occurring and identifiable under the Material Damage policy. Coverage for wages, professional fees and extra expenses associated with recovery are also included.
This policy indemnifies against acts of fraud or dishonesty committed by employees. It is usually extended to allow for a longer discovery period of up to 12 months either from expiry of policy or termination of employee, whichever comes first.
This is a specialty insurance class aimed at subsidising the expenses of golfing associations and/or clubs when their members hit a hole-in-one. Coverage is not only limited to members’ hole-in-one expenses; it is often accompanied to include golf equipment, personal effects, personal liability, personal accident as well as medical expenses.
This policy covers damages or defence costs, payable to the director and officers of a company, or to the organisation, in the event that they suffer such losses as a result of a lawsuit for alleged wrongful acts while acting in their capacity as directors and officers for the organisation.
This policy protects professionals against legal liability arising from the conduct of their practice or business. Cover is provided for settlements, compensation, damages awarded, as well as legal costs and expenses associated with defending legal actions. Professionals are protected against the financial strain of litigation, while preserving their personal integrity and reputation of their practice.
This policy protects against losses resulting from business-related crime. Protection can cover merchandise, money or other property loss when a company is victimised by someone perpetrating embezzlement, forgery, robbery, securities theft or any other form of business-related crimes.
An error or omission that causes financial harm to another can occur on almost any transaction in any profession. This policy protects a professional, an individual, or a company, from bearing the full cost of defense for lawsuits relating to an error or omission in providing covered Professional Services. It is a separate coverage from a standard general liability or property insurance policy.

Specialty Insurance Classes

In compliance with the Council of Estate Agents (CEA) licensing requirements, this policy protects your vicarious liability, and your real estate agency and/or salespersons, who can be held legally liable for claims arising from wrongful acts (negligent acts, errors and omissions or breaches of professional duty), committed during the performance of professional services on behalf or under the supervision of your real estate agent.

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In collaboration with CaseTrust, an insurance solution was devised to provide recourse for consumers who have purchased prepaid spa packages. This protects the consumer’s fees if the service provider ceases operations.
In partnership with CaseTrust, this policy covers recourse for consumers who employ errant contractors.